Shiny Toy Guns: Local Band We Love

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The Shiny Toy Guns that was nominated for a Grammy for their 2006 debut album is not the Shiny Toy Guns you see today.

The Los Angeles-quartet features all the original members, but this time they are releasing their music independently after fixing the fissures in the band dynamic that resulted in singer Carah Faye sitting out their second album and moving to Sweden.

The DIY ethic has had a remarkable impact on the music itself, with Jason Bentley calling their new track “Fading Listening” a “game changer” for the band.

From Jason:

“It erased all previous notions of what the band was about. The song is automatic and I’ve gotten a very strong response from our listeners when I play it.”

Take a listen!

Shiny Toy Guns – Fading Listening by Five Seven Music

III” is their first album in four years. It will be out on October 22 and the band plays a show that night at the Echoplex.