Skye Live on KCRW – Bright Light

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I was really into Skye’s live session on MBE, one of many visits to our studio over the years. She created this incredible vibe, and then she went ahead and covered Justin Bieber and gave me a WHOLE new appreciation for him too!

The cover was a suggestion from her 15-year-old daughter and she sang “As Long As You Love Me” the way it was meant to be. She’s a lover of covers and we’ve spun a bunch over the years, including her version of the Gorillaz’ “Feel Good Inc”. What attracts her to a song? The soft-spoken singer from East London told Jason its “lyrics, melody and the chance to turn it on its head and offer something a little bit different.”

She says Morcheeba is currently working on their 8th album and should have a single out by Summer.

She’s a striking woman and her set was just what we needed to get over the mid-week hump. Check out her awesome outfit below and the full session here.


Fun Fact: Do you know how Skye got her name? She took the first letter of all four names she was given — Shirley Klaris Yonavieve Edwards!

Skye Live on KCRW — Set List

As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber Cover)
Not Broken
Bright Light
Love Show
Sign of Life

Skye by Larry Hirshowitz