Sofi Tukker bring the party for new album release

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There’s been quite a few indie-electro, party bands that have come and gone over the years; some with slight recognition and others who remained in cult obscurity. There is no real formula to breaking out of your niche genre and into the mainstream, but when you arrive with certain ingredients (male/female vocals, dense beats and programming), as Sofi Tukker did, the mainstream comes knocking at your door. 

Sofi Tukker’s debut album, Treehouse, received a Grammy nomination in the Best Dance/Electronic Album category. And what ended up being the 3rd single from the record became the soundtrack to the iPhone X release.

They recently performed a set for KCRW’s Apogee Sessions, and got that intimate space whipped up in a party frenzy. The set was mostly comprised of songs off their newly released EP Dancing on the People, including the opening track, “Swing.” Synth orchestration leads into a backbeat in the 120bpm (beats per minute) range and employs all of my favorite Sofi Tukker ingredients, resulting in an undeniable ‘banger cocktail.’