Song for Your Weekend: Disclosure – “F For You” (Feat. Mary J. Blige)

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I was so excited to hear this as soon as I saw an email in my inbox with these two names together in the subject line. And it’s mind-blowingly good – even better than I could have expected.

Unstoppable beats and grooves courtesy of the two young brothers out of the UK — Guy and Howard Lawrence –and killer vocals from the Queen of R&B.

Disclosure is nominated for a “Best Dance/Electronica Album” Grammy Award this weekend so I think they wanted to strut their stuff right before they ceremony.

And Mary, well, she’s one of my all time faves. Few hold a candle to her as far as diva vocals go.

A friend recently reminded me of this classic Mary track (a reworking of Roberta Flack), “Sweet Thing”. Flashback!