Song of the Week: The Cinematic Orchestra’s “Manhatta”

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A perfect piece of instrumental music can totally transform my mood so much more than a pop song. In the case of a track like The Cinematic Orchestras “Manhatta”, it whisks me away to a lovely, far away place. It’s both comforting and exhilarating at the same time.

And, for DJs, tracks like this are essential for sewing together the fabric of a radio show as they are often used as “fill” music between sets, while the DJs announce the songs you’ve just heard.

UK’s The Cinematic Orchestra like to take on big challenges.

Founder Jason Swinscoe dips his toes in many styles to create a sound that is bigger than its parts and flush with emotion and he has has long been intrigued by the link between vision and sound. Earlier the collective “re-soundtracked” the film “Man With A Movie Camera”.

Now, with the album “In Motion #1”, he invited some of his favorite musicians and producers to provide soundtracks to — or re-imagine — seminal worksby great avant garde film-makers. Find out more here.

(Side note: They are signed to the label Ninja Tune, who also released Kid Koala’s latest album — a fantastic, beat-heavy take on blues music called “12 Bit Blues” – earlier this year.)