Sparks Creates New Bookworm Theme!

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Bookworm host Michael Silverblatt is very open about the fact that Sparks is his favorite rock band. Last year, he had Ron and Russell Mael, the brothers who make up Sparks, on Bookworm to talk about the art of writing pop songs. A friendship was forged after that interview and the band offered to write new themes to replace the playful track (“Who can talk, Who can reason, Who can read!) they’ve been using for the 21 years the show has been on the air here at KCRW. The new opening theme is titled “Where Would We Be Without Books?” and the closing theme is “I Am a Bookworm.” Check it out below.

Michael debuted the new theme on today’s show, which also features an interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon, who discusses the difference between writing rock lyrics and poetry.

New intro theme:  “Where Would We Be Without Books”

New Closing theme: “We Are All Bookworms”