Spoon Plays New Songs on MBE!

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This live session was exciting for so many reasons. First off, it was the first time Spoon was playing new material from “Transference” live on the radio and the fact that they chose KCRW for their debut means so much to us. Also, we were at the Village Recorder, since our own studios were being prepped for our upcoming pledge drive. Not only was Elton John recording down the hall, but Ringo Starr was there. Now that’s a friggin’ all star line up of musical goodness in one building!

After some crazy equipment chaos, time was ticking away as they prepared to go on air but the band didn’t seem flustered at all. They cruised into the studio, soundchecked two songs, and were ready to roll. And that’s what I love most about Spoon – they are just a solid, reliably great band that also manages to be experimental with their sound. I’ve loved every album – even though they’ve all been very different – and the band seemed to really have fun playing the new material.  Tracks like “Written in Reverse” and “Mystery Zone” already sound like classic Spoon.

Check it out here