Squarepusher Live on KCRW

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Squarepusher by Larry Hirshowitz

Avant garde electronica pioneer Tom Jenkinson  – aka Squarepusher – likes to create an air of mystery.

He opted out of video for his live session with KCRW (we did manage to grab a photo!), but performed two tracks from his new album on Warp Records “Ufabulum” – “Drax 2” and “Dark Steering” that you can hear right here.

The English artist returned to genres that inspired the early years of his career – Drum & Bass, jungle, and industrial particularly—in his latest work.

Check out this live session for KCRW and, if you’d like a visual, check out the official video for “Dark Steering” below. Tom did the LED visuals himself!

Squarepusher – ‘Dark Steering’ taken from forthcoming album ‘Ufabulum’ out 14th/15th May from Warp Records on Vimeo.