St. Vincent Acoustic on MBE

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For weeks, folks at KCRW have been buzzing about the fact that St. Vincent was coming by our studio for a live set.

Annie Clark is a creative mastermind and incredibly bold in everything she does — including her decision to tour completely solo.

For her MBE performance, she came armed with only an acoustic guitar and changed her set list at the last minute, closing with a track she rarely plays —  “Severed Crossed Fingers” from her 2014 self-titled album.

To say she left us wanting more would be a vast understatement. It was incredible.

She bonded with guest host Chris Douridas about their Texas roots and talked about her uncle and aunt, Tuck and Patti, who have been opening her Fear the Future tour and are featured on two songs on her album, “Los Ageless” and “Savior.”

She said the duo “taught me how to work. They taught me about excellence…they handed me a whip.”

She also described Masseduction’s breakout single “New York” as a song you could dance to in your own bedroom — and also cry to.”

The entire set is fantastic. Find it here (or watch above).

St Vincent Solo Acoustic Set — Tracklist

Los Ageless

New York

Slow Disco

Severed Crossed Fingers

(Photos c/o: Brian Lowe)