St. Vincent on MBE

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St. Vincent aka Annie Clark played a beautiful set of songs from her new record “Actor” on Morning Becomes Eclectic, joined by a full band on strings, horns and more. Her music has always struck me as enchanting and cinematic and I found out why this morning. Annie tells Jason that she had paper thin walls in her New York city home and kept getting noise complaints when she played, so she watched movies instead – including Disney classic from the 30’s and 40’s. She started rescoring them as a creative exercise and, when putting “Actor” together, “Frankesteined” those musical vignettes into pop songs. Lyrically, she was inspired by David Mamet and the idea that a good story comes from exploring “what does a character want and what happens when they don’t get it.” While I loved her debut “Marry Me,” I’ve really fallen for “Actor,” especially after hearing her live performance.  Don’t miss this one.

(oh, and on a funny side note, check out this music video: