Stars Live on KCRW — Hold on When You Get Love

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Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” is not only one of the best song titles of all time but one of this year’s best singles. To me, it is a perfect song –poignant lyrics about love and life with music catchy enough that it goes down like candy.

Singer Amy Millan says the title is also the key to “how you stay a band for 14 years”.  In a nutshell – don’t hold a grudge. Singer Torquil Campbell added that your love “might be a little twisted and filled with flaws but it’s yours” and you should cherish it.

Good advice for all of us!

When I recently tweeted a comment about Stars someone replied “so sad yet so good”. And it’s true, they are masters of heartbreak. In fact, Campbell introduced their very next song “400” by saying “when life is crummy like you expect it to be”, this one is for you.

I love how Amy and Torquil’s voices weave together. It’s what makes Stars special, and a standout among a slew of indie rock acts from the great band-producing land of Canada.

Campbell says Stars only qualification when writing music is that it’s a “great pop song” and memorable enough to last a long time.

Here’s to that! Hear a full set of them in the archives.


p.s.: One of my favorites – their cover of “This Charming Man

Stars Live on KCRW – Set List

The North
A Song is a Weapon
Lights Changing Colour
Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
The 400
Elevator Love Letter