Street Photographer Cheryl Dunn is Our Guest DJ

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Cheryl Dunn is currently featured in MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibit and her documentary “Everybody Street” is about to makes its London premiere at the Tate Modern, but the talented NY-based artist still took the time to share some of her favorite music and some great stories with us as part of the Guest DJ Project.

She points out something that is SO important in this crazy technological revolution we’re in– if you really want to experience life, GO OUTSIDE!

““I can’t sit in one place, and I, that’s why I’m drawn to go out on the street, because you walk on the streets of New York and anything can happen. I mean, you can see the most amazing thing, the most disgusting thing, the scariest thing, the most beautiful thing.

Like you can be totally destitute one day and then someone might walk by and hand you some ticket to something where, you know, I’ve been standing out on the street and someone said, “You wanna go see Johnny Cash?” And this stranger hands me a ticket to a show. Anything can happen! So if you’re out there, get away from a computer, get outside! (chuckle) It’s really simple, it’s just a simple message, and I just think it’s pretty truthful.”

She also has a great story about The Stone Roses’ frontman Ian Brown, her adventures traveling through remote location in India and more.

Check it all out here.


p.s.: Cheryl is working on a feature length version of “Everybody Street,” which features some of the most defining New York City street photographers, to be completed in Fall and the MOCA exhibit will be up through August 8 at the Geffen Contemporary in Downtown Los Angeles.

Cheryl Dunn at Art in the Streets courtesy of MOCA (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Cheryl Dunn Guest DJ Project Playlist

1.) Journey in Satchidananda- Alice Coltrane
2.) Feelin’ Alright- Grand Funk Railroad
3.) Bad River- Endless Boogie
4.) Fools Gold 4.15- The Stone Roses
5.) California- Joni Mitchell