Submotion Orchestra: Love From London

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Submotion Orchestra is a group of seven talented musicians who got together in Leeds, in the north of England, back in 2009.  They built up a solid fan base at a small local bar, and their weekly residency became legendary as they would often have jam sessions and create new material spontaneously in front of an intimate crowd.

They soon found themselves playing at UK festivals including The Big Chill, Latitude and Bestival, as well as the popular Outlook in Croatia. They really are brilliant live, and following their debut EP last year, 2011 has seen their full release come to fruition.

Their cross pollination of musical styles – from Cuban and Brazilian percussion, to soul, jazz and beyond — works really well. Ruby is responsible for the faultless vocals and their songwriting is spot on.

October will see their debut UK tour and, as their profile continues to grow, it’s exciting times for Submotion Orchestra.

This current single I’ve chosen this week is a sweet slice of summer magic, track entitled “Always”.

There’s also a nice remix by an up and coming producer called Laxx who is from Oxford. Here’s a clip.

Always (LAXX remix) by Submotion Orchestra

Submotion Orchestra’s “Finest Hour” is out now on Exception via

Alex Kenning

( Love From London is an ongoing series where correspondents Alex Kenning and Izzy Lawrence introduce us to bands generating excitement across the pond.)