Superhumanoids: Local Band We Love

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From KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad:

I love it when people turn me on to music. It’s a huge help when fans, listeners, and friends present me with something they themselves really dig. It’s a kind and very personal gesture that I truly appreciate.

A few months ago, the editor of this blog, RR, turned me on to local band Superhumanoids. I found a CD with a note, took a listen, and immediately began playing one of the jams. I gravitated to “Hey Big Bang,” with vocals from the band’s sole female member, Sarah, at the forefront.

Stream “Hey Big Bang”

Hey Big Bang by superhumanoids

Download “Hey Big Bang” HERE

That same evening, I get a text from the Superhumanoids show that gives major props to their stage skills and, weeks later, I receive a collection of remixes by the band for the likes of Local Natives, Blackbird Blackbird, etc.

Their electro-tinged, indie rock sound taps into the rare knowledge of deep bassdom, relative to street hop and nasty dance floor thump. That said, they have a certain soul about them and I’m intrigued. Looking forward to more from Superhumanoids in 2011.

Garth Trinidad

(Editor’s Note: Fans of LA pop punk band The Franks might recognize two of its members in Superhumanoids. They share a label, local indie Hit City USA.)