Suzanne Kraft’s Dude Energy

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Local producer/DJ/allaroundraddude Diego Herrera wears a grip of hats. The dublab DJ is a lynchpin in Pharoahs, produces wavy House as Suzanne Kraft and is set to release a brand new heater of a 12″ under the name Dude Energy.

The 2nd release on producer Tornado Wallace’s Animals Dancing label, Dude Energy finds Herrera flexing slightly less ambient muscle and with overtly chuggy intention. The 3 cuts; “Renee Running,” “Some Desire” and “Beat Desire” skitter and bump and are totally ready for the floor.

The first one, “Renee Running” has real cinematic vibes like a Miami Vice getting ready to bust some Russian mobsters at the club build up.

Menacing, darting, blue neon is the color of the energy, the Dude Energy.