SXSW Preview: DJ Dan Wilcox’s “Bands to Watch”

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From KCRW DJ Dan Wilcox:

This year will mark my 7th sojourn to Austin for the SXSW Music Conference.  Around this time, I begin the painstaking process of scanning the SXSW site, MySpace pages, invite e-mails and blogs… all to formulate the ultimate SXSW schedule, in the hopes of discovering the next great band or simply to see a great performance.

(I should add that between this and my NCAA bracket, I spend much of early March being intolerable)

Every year the schedule I meticulously put together derails amidst a flurry of last minute tips, long lines and Lone Stars.  Truth be told, winging it can reap its own rewards — last year my favorite discovery of SXSWGordon Voidwell — came about by stepping inside a random bar to take a leak…

On that note, here are my most anticipated artists appearing at SXSW, in no particular order:

SUMMER CAMP: This dreamy bedroom pop duo released an EP last year that for me got lost in the chillwave flood, but their new tracks produced by Steven Mackey of Pulp (M.I.A., Florence & the Machine), including the track “I Want You” which I have spun on my show, have got me all worked up to see them live.

Summer Camp – I Want You by thisisfakediy

WE ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE: French outfit which mixes electro, post-punk & new wave elements that I have had all up in my ears for some time now.  They also have a notable new record ‘Explicit Pictures’ and I have read good things about their live shows.  I’m in.

MONOGOLD: This band has seemingly come out of thin air (or more specifically Brooklyn, NY) recently to dominate my hi-fi and in turn blow my mind, with an exceptional new record “The Softest Glow” which might appeal to fans of Yeasayer, Animal Collective, et al.

Monogold – Spirit or Something by The Wounded Jukebox

GAYNGS: Founder Ryan Olson is from my hometown of Eau Claire, WI, (as is occasional band mate Bon Iver) and we seem to share a similar interest in 80’s pop, 10cc and R&B slo-jamz.  Their plans to attack SXSW last year we derailed by a repossessed van but will be in full force this year to showcase their already legendary live show.

BAD BRAINS: OK… obviously not a new artist or next big thing… this is my purely selfish indulgence pick based on the nostalgia of having been 23 years since I last saw them live.  But with the classic lineup feat. HR & Dr. Know back together I can’t wait to dive in, stand front and center and scream every word like a total dork.

— Dan Wilcox