SXSW Preview: DJ Valida’s Bands to see at SXSW

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By KCRW DJ Valida

Foster The People: I have been enamored with the band ever since I heard it on Eclectic 24 a few months back. Their songs are so well crafted in both rhythm and melody and the mood they create makes me want to jump up and down…They have that irresistible groove that totally made me fall in love with them, much like Grouplove and Two Door Cinema Club…I am so excited to see them at Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide showcase on Thursday.

Those Dancing Days: Another amazing band….. from Sweden, of course! It’s like, I swear, every third band that I’m in love right now is from Sweden. Please stop! You’re turning me into a Swedophile more than I already am. This all-girl rock quintet can really turn it up. But really, it’s the drummer I’m most excited to see live… That girl is on fire! I get to announce the band at Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide showcase on Friday co-presented by KCRW and I’m not leaving without her autograph!

Penguin Prison: This guy can turn our remixes like no other…And not only are they dance-floor heaters, but he also sings his own versions. I have been playing his Fingers of Steel/Sexuality remix of Sebastian Tellier for a couple of years now and most recently his Jamiroquai remix of White Knuckle Ride has found its way into every one of my late-night club sets. This man is a remix don and I’m really looking forward to seeing him at one of his many SXSW appearances.

– Valida