SXSW Preview: Raphael Saadiq’s “Good Man”

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A lot of songwriters don’t want to explain the meaning of their songs and claim they would prefer it be interpreted by the listener. It’s something that has frustrated me in the past. I always felt awkward attaching my own emotions and ideas to someone else’s art — embarrassed that I may be too off the mark and getting it entirely wrong. But I’m learning more about more how little that matters and, instead, to appreciate the exploration process.

Case in point Raphael Saadiq’s “Good Man” video.

I had one of the most thrilling experiences when I was invited to Saadiq’s studio to preview his new album at the end of last year and “Good Man” really stuck with me. It sounded like a real true throwback to ‘60’s soul but the female part sounded very modern, almost hip hop-like. Either way, it moved me.

And then I saw the video. I won’t ruin it by describing it, but it’s so intense it was like watching a full movie in less than five minutes. It stars Chad Coleman from “The Wire” and “The Kids Are All Right” actress Yaya DaCosta, with direction from Isaiah Seret. Check it out below.

Saadiq told Spinner that “Good Man” “tells the story I’ve seen many times in my own life. Everything around that man can be bad, his occupation, lifestyle, friends, but underneath all of it, he is a good man.”

Saadiq’s excellent album “Stone Rollin” will be out on May 10. The ever-changing artist will join Jason Bentley for a panel THIS Saturday (which also feature Moby and Dave Sitek) on what a career in music means in 2011. (Please note that space is limited so arrive early!!!)

Also, we’ll host a live performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic on Friday, March 18 live from SXSW! Don’t miss that one…