Tallest Man on Earth Live on KCRW — 1904

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Tallest Man on Earth at KCRW — By Larry Hirshowitz

I was anxiously awaiting our live session with Kristian Matsson, a Swedish singer who  performs under the moniker Tallest Man on Earth. He showed up with a few guitars and made use of our piano for a stunning solo acoustic set.

When an artist performs in this setting, you really see their talents shine through (or, occasionally, the opposite). He’s a fantastic guitar player and his singing conveys emotion without ever being over the top.

1904” is our favorite and he told Jason it’s about “finding hope” and that it sometimes takes weird roads to get to where you want to be, but its “ok to take a different path”. And “Revelation Blues”, with it’s refrain of “sometimes it’s just roses dying too young”, was very moving.

Check out the full session here.


The Tallest Man on Earth Live on KCRW Set list


Little Brother

Revelation Blues

There’s No Leaving Now

To Just Grow Away

Wind and Walls

Like The Wheel