Tanya Tucker’s “Just Another Love” Covered by Daughn Gibson

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Jason with Daughn Gibson (and Garth Brooks) by Rob LaFond

Wearing a ripped up Garth Brooks shirt he bought the night before, Daughn Gibson rode into Morning Becomes Eclectic looking like a truck driver.

That is to say, the former truck driver himself appears as if he enjoys the long nights in different cities finding his own brand of fun. That’s exactly what Daughn does best though, find his own niche in a place where none really has ever existed. His quote of the session came when he was describing his musical theory — “…I like debauchery and I like clean country music.”

I don’t think that line can be better expressed than through his cover of Tanya Tucker’sJust Another Love

The original is just about as streak-free and polished as any country pop song could be. It hit number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart in 1986 and was, frankly, twangs answer to easy listening.

But that what makes Daughn’s version so special. He’s added an element to it that would never have been imagined keeping some of it just in tact enough but giving it a whole new presentation.

It’s the exact representation of another quote of his that morning, which was “I’d like to be up there on those big stages like Kenny Chesney, on the long catwalk with the headset microphone with horror movies going on behind me.” (sic)

Yes, Daughn has his own brand of fun and that’s why we like him

Daughn Gibson Live on Morning Becomes Eclectic