Tennis is Yours Conditionally

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When husband-and-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley came by our studio in January, we got a sneak peek at their forthcoming, self-released new album, “Yours Conditionally” (out March 10).

It had just been announced that Tennis were playing Coachella (apparently booker Paul Tollett heard them on MBE and fell in love!) and they were flying high.

They played a bunch of new songs, but my favorite by far was “My Emotions are Blinding“, which they officially released this week.

At the time, the proud feminist told us the song analyzed the expectations placed on her as a woman in music, as did earlier single “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar“.

The album title hints at the subject matter — namely Alaina’s thoughts on on how to stay an individual within a marriage, especially when you’re living, writing and traveling together. It’s deep stuff, but delivered with the catchy R&B pop sound that has become their signature.

“Essentially I love pop music and I always want to write love songs, but when you’re like in a really stable, monogamous marriage, the love songs just don’t flow hot and heavy. They’re like ‘Oh, I’m really healthy and my husband and I are great listeners.’ It’s a terrible chorus,” said Alaina (with Patrick adding that they should “artificially create some problems.”)

The couple set out on a 5-month sailing trip through the Sea of Cortez for a “heavy dose of isolation” and, in dealing with the fragility of their existence on the unpredictable high seas, came back newly inspired. They recorded the album in a cabin in Colorado last year and we’ll all have it soon!

They play the Roxy this Friday night and will be back for Coachella in April.


**Photo by Lori Paulson