The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy Covered by Boy

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German duo Boy getting ready for Movember

Every time I hear the women of Boy, I’m so impressed by how easy they make it all seem.

Not only does this duo from Germany understand what makes a good pop song, but they’ve also figured out the nuances of Americana. Coming from overseas, the result of this can be really good or not so much.

Their recognizable single from their debut album “Little Numbers” was one of those tracks you could hear a few times over in a day and not get sick of it. I’m excited to see where they go from here.

On their debut at KCRW, they obliged us with few tracks we were waiting to hear, plus a cover of The Black Keys that sort of caught us off guard.

I guess it was the juxtaposition of raw blues energy married with the delicate nature of beautiful voices and pop hooks.

But after the confusion subsided, we were left with a real rootsy version of “Lonely Boy” that would make Nashville proud. I imagine this was the they way it sounded in Dan and Patrick’s heads first before the pressure of commercial viability got to it.

Either way, it’s a perfect track for a setting sun in the fall or 2 am last call.

Boy — “Lonely Boy (Black Keys Cover) Live on KCRW”