The Black Madonna: Artist You Should Know

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As aliases go, I can’t quite think of a better, more awesome name than The Black Madonna.

Evocative in a dozen different ways, it befits Chicago DJ/Producer Marea Stamper.

Apart from being that rarest of mythical creatures, “a woman DJ/producer” she also just actually happens to do it better than most (regardless of gender.) Her style rips through a whole spectrum of sounds from disco to techno to house with absolutely flawless aplomb.

Her mixtapes tend to start with some sermon or gospel piece that serve a real strong sense of being linked to something greater. Higher power, holiness, community… It’s an awesome and totally affecting touch. But, even if there wasn’t that watermark, her work has a seriously uplifting vibe to it.

On the strength of a handful of stunning releases on Argot and Home Taping is Killing Music, The Black Madonna was given the helm of Chicago’s legendary Smart Bar, one of House Music’s most revered temples. As resident DJ and talent buyer, she is a guiding light for the future of the sound and in her hands, the future is bright.

Her latest forthcoming release on Chrissy Murderbot’s Nite Owl Diner label, “Stay” is a Disco inflected House chugger that sounds like Moodyman taking on The Chemical Brothers’ Star Guitar via Moroder’s work with Donna Summer, which is to say it’s absolutely f*cking awesome, shimmering dancefloor perfection.

If you don’t feel this, I feel bad for you because you don’t even understand dance music or soul or anything. You should get down on your knees and pray The Black Madonna saves you from your wretched unworthy self, because she can.


*Side note: NPR recently featured her on All Songs Considered and earlier this week she did a mix for Tim Sweeney’s indelible dance music juggernaut/tutorial Beats In Space