The Drums Live on KCRW — Days

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The Drums play “short sweet focused pop songs” and don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Through two full length albums and an EP, their sound has stayed entirely consistent and singer Jonathan Pierce says don’t expect an “experimental phase”, they know what they do well and they plan to keep doing it.

Jonathan talked about recording their initial EP in Florida, after which they all moved to NYC and “things became a bit more grim”. Jason mentioned how the song “Money” could be an anthem right now with the lyrics. Jonathan said he didn’t intend it to be taken so literally and that it’s more about the idea of “being a loser” and not learning from your own mistakes. He also talked about how quickly they record, often coming up with an idea and recording them within the same day. The goal is to “capture the nervous energy”.

The second I walked into the studio I couldn’t help bouncing around. The only person dancing more than me was Jonathan — he clearly loves singing his own songs, which is always nice to see.

I really like this band and I think their potential second single, “Days”, could be a big song for them.

Check out the full session here.


The Drums Live on KCRW

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