The Fling: Local Band We Love

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I was thoroughly enjoying Nic Harcourt’s Sunday show last night. So much so that I sat in the grocery store parking lot because I wouldn’t dare exit the vehicle while Blur’s “Tender” is playing (try driving around to that one late at night with the windows down. Pretty close to a spiritual experience).

Then, even after staring down a pile of CDs begging for my attention, I turned on the radio when I got back in the house and was treated to more fantastic picks, including a catchy rock track that sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it.

Sometimes good songs are like that, they seem instantly familiar. It was soulful and rocking. I really couldn’t wait to hear it again as soon as it was over.

After perusing the playlist, I figured out it was The Fling.

Wanderingfoot by The Fling

Not only are they one of Dangerbird Records latest signees, but they’re a local band!

They list their hometown as Long Beach and I realized where I actually may have heard that song before – they were opening for Delta Spirit/Darker My Love on a tour earlier this year and I remember thinking how their music fit right in.  (The LA Weekly describes it as “Big Pink-meets-Black Mountain country-gaze”.)

So maybe the familiarity thing was a fluke. But it’s a REALLY solid song. Their album, “When the Madhouses Appear”, was released earlier this month and you can bet I’ll be trying to get my hands on it.