“The Killing” Actress Michelle Forbes is Our Guest DJ

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Actress Michelle Forbes has a cult following thanks to a wide variety of scene stealing roles in popular TV shows like “Star Trek:The Next Generation,” “True Blood”, “Battlestar Galactica,” and, most recently, The Killing.

She focused most of her Guest DJ set on “honest” musicians, people who really sing from the heart like Billy Idol (with Generation X), Lou Reed (as part of The Velvet Underground) and Richard Hell (& the Voivoids), whose track “Blank Generation” pretty much defined an era. Michelle says she associated with the angst:

“I think, you know, being a kid of the ‘70s I feel that I did come from a blank generation.  You know, we were looking down the pike at the ‘90s, which were very prosperous for us as adults, but there was still an anxiety there.  We were angry, we just didn’t know what about. I just think it’s kind of a great, honest, innocent song.”

She also talks to host Eric J Lawrence about how she uses music as an actress:

Check out her full set here


Michelle Forbes Guest DJ Project Playlist

1.) L’Anamour- Serge Gainsbourg
2.) Kiss Me Deadly- Generation X
3.) Some Kinda Love (Closet Mix) – The Velvet Underground
4.) Blank Generation- Richard Hell & The Voidoids
5.) Our Love Will Still Be There- Dean & Britta