The Lovin Spoonful’s “Butchie’s Tune” Covered by Yo La Tengo

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Yo La Tengo live at KCRW Photo by Rob LaFond

Yo La Tengo brought me here.”

-Soggy Burrito

I found this comment on the YouTube page where user “MLM737” posted the The Lovin’ Spoonful’s original version. Between that and other comments made about Mad Men, it’s obvious that the “YouTube Generation” might not know who wrote what, but Yo La Tengo is that bridge for a lot of music fans. Their live shows can be completely different from one city to the next based solely on their seemingly endless supply of covers.

Yo La Tengo Live on KCRW — “Butchie’s Tune”

In fact, one of their albums “Fakebook“, released in 1990, is comprised of eleven covers and five originals. But if you called them a cover band, you’ll most assuredly be banished from the Kingdom of Indie Rock only to be taken in by a traveling group of nomads who are an actual cover band.

The reality is, Yo La Tengo is that very rare band that has transcended the constraints placed on all the other touring groups. They are a critics’ favorite for reasons too complex and varied to get into now, but the result is their ability to play however, whomever, and wherever they please with complete acceptance.

So if you found out about The Flamin’ Groovies or Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers because of Yo La Tengo , pay some respect in the YouTube comments.

-Yo La Tango brought me here.

P.S. Yo La Tengo (and many more) will be performing at this year’s Iceland Airwaves fest which KCRW is currently running a sweepstakes for. Go here for all the details and maybe they’ll do a Bjork cover. Who Knows? Good luck!