The Low Anthem on KCRW

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The Low Anthem’s beautifully mournful music swept us all away Monday morning. Their live Morning Becomes Eclectic set showed a group of true musicians playing a wide variety of instruments – a saw, a pump organ and… a charm bracelet.

Actually the bracelet is just an accessory worn by singer Ben Knox Miller for good luck, a jangly string of bells and more. But the point is still the same – their unique instrumentation is what makes their hauntingly beautiful songs stand out. And their togetherness. For “Love and Altar”, they all stood together in a circle harmonizing. It was really special. Another standout was “Boeing 737”, Jason’s favorite and the one that’s been getting the most airplay here.

Check out a highlight above and find the whole session in our archives here.


Low Anthem Live on KCRW Track List

Ghost Woman Blues

Matter of Time


Hey, All You Hippies

Boeing 737

Love and Altar

Smart Flesh