The Melvins’ Buzz Osborne is Our Guest DJ

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It seems hard to believe but Henry Rollins and Buzz Osborne, frontman for the Melvins, have never met before — until last night, in KCRW’s Master Control, where Henry confidently handed over the reins for the entire two hours.

Their combined music knowledge was incredible and hearing them bounce off one another with stories and information was really something special.

Buzz described his tastes as “musically schizophrenic”, which he proved in a set that included everyone from Judy Garland and Braniac to Latin Playboys and U-Men, who he described as the best Seattle band that no one has ever heard of.

He talked about growing up far from any live music opportunities and then driving 150 miles to Seattle as soon as he was able to take in some shows.

Henry said he was late to the game on the Melvins, but was quickly hooked once he discovered them and has always respected them for being “wildly experimental.” Buzz responded saying he was “way too much of a Groucho Marxist” to be part of any genre or scene.

buzz double b
Buzz in studio with Will Bentley (and Henry’s arm) (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Two other things I discovered about Buzz:

He’s an avid golfer and he has quite the giggle.

Check out his full set list below, which includes a track from his forthcoming solo album, as “King Buzzo”, called “Drunken Baby”. It will be out on June 3.


Buzz Osborne KCRW Guest DJ Set List

Allbert King – Born Under a Bad Sign
Brainiac – Fresh New Eyes
Gang of Four – Paralyzed
Scientists – Set it on Fire
Judy Garland – Stormy Weather
The Fugs – I Want to Know
U-Men – Blight
Birthday Party – Fears of Gun
King Buzzo – Drunken Baby
Jimi Hendrix – Power of Love
Miles Davis – Black Satin
Tweak Bird – Spaceships
David Bowie – Quicksand
Bobby Darin – Beyond the Sea
Gun Club – Ghost on the Highway
MC5 – I Want You Right Now
Tom Waits – Bad as Me
Latin Playboys – Lemon ‘N Ice
Captain Beefheart – Glider
Bob Dylan – it’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
Buck Owens – Memphis