The Party Becomes a Label: Mister Saturday Night

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Eamon Harkin arrived in New York by way of Northern Ireland in 2004, and Justin Carter moved from North Carolina to New York in 1999. In 2009 the two conspired to create Mister Saturday Night.
After a short stint at a Manhattan club, the Mister moved to the hidden backyards and loft spaces of Brooklyn, trading in club world stigmas for a home-grown approach to party making.

The party sometimes plays host to special guests, but most often Justin and Eamon DJ from beginning to end. No matter where they go – a cast-iron-gated loft in Brooklyn; hallowed nightlife spots like The Golden Pudel, Plastic People and Panorama Bar; or the charming outdoor spaces where they do the summertime, Sunday version of the Mister, Mister Sunday – they always bring far flung musical selection and unadulterated energy.

In addition to DJing and throwing parties, Eamon and Justin run the Mister Saturday Night label, which, in its two-year existence, has released the debut vinyl EPs from Anthony Naples, Archie Pelago, Alex Burkat, Hank Jackson and Lumigraph – all of whom are Mister Saturday Night regulars.

For a fledgling label, MSN has a grip of super vibey releases that are dancefloor rippers and definitely demand your attention. Their next release comes from super talented Japanese House producer Keita Sano

Pay attention as thanks to Harkin and Carter every night can be Saturday Night.