The Return of Helen Stellar

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Helen Stellar by Jessica Holmes Photography
Helen Stellar by Jessica Holmes Photography (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

A few years ago fuzzy, dreamy shoegaze was the genre that seemed to be proliferating in LA clubs, particularly on the Eastside. There were a few standout bands including Gliss, a trio that made great strides while touring Europe, and Helen Stellar, who had a very influential fan – Cameron Crowe. Cameron put their song io (This Time Around) on the Elizabethtown soundtrack and then released their full length record, “A Prayer to Myself,” through his Vinyl Records label.

But this is skipping ahead… Helen Stellar first arrived in LA with one purpose – to play on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Nic Harcourt was spinning some of their songs and the Chicago-based band headed here to appear on the big show. Then, as they planned to head home, their transportation broke down. Before they knew it, they were settling into LA.  After touring in support of their debut CD, they took a few years off and some of us wondered if it was for good. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, at the end of last year they bounced back with a new guitarist and a new album in tow. Their follow up does not disappoint and below is a preview.  The album is called “If The Stars Could Speak, They Would Have Your Voice.” Here’s a preview of the track “Joseph”:

The band is playing a Spaceland residency in April so check them out if you have a chance.