The Shins Live on KCRW – Simple Song

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The Shins performed a special session in front of a live audience for KCRW a few weeks ago and it is now available on demand in the archives for all of you to enjoy.

Simple Song” was a clear highlight, especially after hearing the story of how the song came about. According to James Mercer, he came up with the intertwining rhythm and melody first and then, while sitting next to his wife, “just started writing about her and writing about our life and stuff. It was right when we were really building the nest, you know, and getting ready to have kids and stuff.”

The new father clearly relishes the role and said his two girls love the track too.

“They seem to respond to catchy things. The poppier it sounds to me, the more they seem to like it. They love “Simple Song“. Right off the bat they loved that because I was working on this record with them around me all the time and stuff. If I started playing that, they would run into the room and spin around and dance. Little girls, two little girls. It’s pretty fun.”

Check out a career-spanning set of older favorites like “Australia and “New Slang” as well as great picks off the new album “Port of Morrow”, including the title track and “No Way Down”.

Check out a full review and photos from the evening here.


Jason Bentley and The Shins by Larry Hirshowitz