The Summer of Optimal Optimo Music

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The extraordinary gentlemen behind Optimo are all time greats, JD Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes are bona fide DJ wizards. Additionally, their Optimo Music and Optimo Trax labels are bold testament to precisely what makes them great. Depth charging trends, they release EPs, LPs and 12″s how they play, based on a passionate clarity of vision.

They’ve released a number of fantastic classics by Chris Carter and Peter Zummo and future classics by Golden Teacher and Boot & Tax.

This summer finds Optimo labels in high gear with a series of back to back rippers:

Golden Teacher Meets Dennis “Dubmaster” Bovell…At The Green Door  – Glasgow’s wavy band of leftfield disco explorers got together with dubby post-punk production legend Dennis Bovell for this facemelting 12″. Hold on to your butts.

Severed Heads’ Big Saints Reward (Dubs 1988-1990) EP – A set of rare 12″ dubs and an oh so slightly retweaked edit of late 80s work by Australian electro-pioneers, this EP is a banging keeper. *Between the grip of reissued and brand new Tom Ellard work and Severed Heads making a return to LA in September, the house is being blessed BIG time.

Various Now That’s What I Call DIY! (Cult classics From the Post-punk era 1978-82) – The Post-punk era is a vertiable goldmine cum minefield, where hungry, angry young men and women found a reason to thrash and spit. The waves and waves of output (both good and bad) is seemingly enough to fill endless, endless Strut and Soul Jazz compilations to varying degrees of success without ever overlapping. That being said, a good compilation is a genuine revelation, and Twitch’s compilation is just that. Featuring hard to come by work by The Distributors, Visitors and Fatal Microbes…”…DIY” showcases lost heat AND what makes Optimo so beautifully inimitable.

Boot & Tax S/T LP – The Milanese duos previous tracks and edits Acido, Occhi Blu and The Simone are certified monsters. For their full length debut, Claudio Brioschi and Cristian Croce have seemingly trepanned themselves and done a little teacup routine and let their weird juicy brains spill out all over this thing. At turns spacey, beachy and clubby…sometimes all at once, this album is an amazing Nouveau Cosmic trip.

This summer Optimo is putting the head back into your headphones…get into it!