The Week Ahead: Today’s Top Tune 3/19 – 3/23/18

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This week we offer free music from a mix of new artists: LA based Buzzy Lee; Unknown Mortal Orchestra who come to southern California in mid May; Meiko who is “Back In The Game” with a new song; The Sea and Cake‘s distinctive sound; and we find The Districts stretching out in a bold direction.

Monday, March 19, Buzzy Lee “Coolhand”

​Sasha Spielberg – aka Buzzy Lee – made her film debut in her father’s film The Terminal, but music is her real passion. Her debut EP is produced by her talented best friend, Nicolas Jaar, and features a track we’re digging called “Coolhand.”

Tuesday, March 20 Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Not In Love We’re Just High”

​The couple at the center of UMO’s new track ​realize they’re not actually in love, but just high. That may seem like the makings for a sad song, but an undercurrent of freedom gives the song a euphoric feel.

Wednesday, March 21, Meiko “Back In The Game”

Meiko is a staple in the Los Angeles music scene, and her songs are a natural fit for TV shows and film.  When asked about “Back In The Game”, Meiko says,  ​“It’s a ‘going-out’ anthem for the broken-hearted. You know, brush your knees off, get back in there, and kick some ass!” Atta Girl!

Thursday, March 22 The Sea and Cake “Any Day”

​​​Legendary Chicago band The Sea and Cake have their own distinctive sound that’s centered around guitar interplay and a strong rhythm section. “Any Day” is the title track from their forthcoming album and is a promising start.

Friday, March 23, The Districts “Nighttime Girls”

​A band’s third album is always telling; it’s a time where they are able to stretch out and expand their sound (or step into a new direction). For Pennsylvanian outfit The Districts their leap is exponential as they turn up their guitars, provide booming drums, and steamy vocals on “Nighttime Girls.”

(UMO photo c/o Nick Krug)