Thievery Corporation Live on KCRW – Lebanese Blonde

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If there is one song that defines the greatness of Thievery Corporation, it’s “Lebanese Blonde” – a sexy, multi-cultural mix of sounds that combine for a perfect groove. Thievery were in town for a show at the Greek Theatre and stopped by our studios on Friday, the day after a huge power outage that sadly meant the cancellation of a sold out show they had in San Diego. Founding member Rob Garza mentioned that a few of the band members even got stuck in elevators, but they made it!

Jason mentioned that every time he sees the band, Garza has added members to the “gypsy carnival that is Thievery Corporation” – with a sitar player, horn section, percussionist, multiple singers and more. Check out the full session in the archives here.


Rob Garza by Larry Hirshowitz