This Week on KCRW’s The Cue with Eric J. Lawrence and Gary Calamar

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The Cue 12 – Eric J. Lawrence: Childhood
In this episode of KCRW’s The Cue, Eric J. Lawrence takes on a journey where we will regress back to childhood. We will take a look at some things that kids like to do and we will get nostalgic with riding skateboards, watching cartoons. We’ll even check out what the crazy kids are into these days, like stalking panda bears and annoying their elders!

The Cue 13 – Gary Calamar’s Music Moments from the Movies
Renowned KCRW DJ Gary Calamar has a day job too, and it’s one that has more impact than you or I even realize. As a music supervisor for television programs the likes of Six Feet Under and True Blood, Gary really knows how to up the emotion when it comes to the magical moments in film. Here, he has put together a list of his most memorable music moments from the movies.

The Cue launched in February with an intrtessential California songs from DJ Anne Litt, visually inspiring sounds from Anthony Valadez, music that makes you want to dance – and cry – from DJ Mario Cotto. Next, Raul Campos tipped viewers off to music videos young celebritioduction by Music Director and Morning Becomes Eclectic host Jason Bentley, who shared under-the-radar online ephemera and his favorite Morning Becomes Eclectic performances in the first two episodes.  Newly released playlists include a selection of criminally overlooked gems from DJ Eric J Lawrence, a dip into LA’s club scene with DJ Valida, quines – before they were famous, and Marion Hodges presented some ”not-so-obvious” 80s videos.
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