Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky” Covered by Divine Fits

Written by
Divine Fits by Jeremiah Garcia

“You Got Lucky” was the first single of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s albumLong After Dark”. Released in 1982 it was a mainstay on Billboard charts and it had a very 80’s video to accompany it.

How 80’s?

Well, how about a few buzz words for you?; Cassette deck, Logan’s Run, hovercar, Astro Invader, Mad Max 2. Yes, all of these things are key components of the video. I mean, the fact that this was a video on MTV is all you need to know.

I bring this up for one reason. Britt Daniel. Daniel is the sort of un-ironic 80’s throwback that makes you nostalgic for all the right reasons. Born in the early 70s, he would definitely be considered a child of the totally radical decade.

It comes through in his sound, the way he and his band(s) play guitar, the type of songs they play. Fun, straight up guitar rock with distinct vocals and songs about a life of love. In this day and age of synth heavy, everyone’s got a laptop indie rock, a band like Divine Fits is a sort of throw back without the retro bandwagon.

I’m not saying that Britt is the 2013 version of Tom, I’m saying that it makes total sense for this cover to exist. So, give it a listen. It’s a cover that pays respect.

Divine Fits Live on KCRW – “YouGot Lucky”