Top 10 Slept on Records of 2014

Written by
Little Barrie

I made the conscious choice of not including any titles that any of us DJs have in our Top 10 of 2014, those are obviously all worth checking out. However, the following list expands the sonic spectrum and are albums not to be slept on!

1) Little Barrie -“Shadow” (Tummy Touch Records)

These albums aren’t in any particular order but I had to put this one first. I must admit, I was pretty shocked that this didn’t make anyone’s list.

In fact, I didn’t put it in my top ten because I thought it would be a shoe in like Ty Segall, to make several lists. So I figured it didn’t need my help. Apparently it does.

Vintage instruments, analog recording, heavy reverb & elements of garage, psych & surf…this is a solid rock record.

2) FaltyDL — “In the Wild” (Ninja Tune)

If Bonobo and Flying Lotus had a baby it would be FaltyDL.

He’s one of my favorite contemporary producers. His approach to composition is truly unique, no one is making music like this guy.

DL’s full range of capabilities are brilliantly on display with this release.

3) Kings of Tomorrow — “Trouble” (Defected Records)

Sandy Rivera rarely disappoints. This album is perfectly suited for an underground warehouse party or a sexy lounge. If your a fan of deep house grooves and soulful disco vocals, this is the album for you.

4) Wildbirds & Peacedrums — “Rhythm” (The Leaf Label)

This is the fourth album from this married duo, Mariam Wallentin & Andreas Werliin. As one might conclude from their name, it’s just vocals & drums/percussion. Their music can be described as spiritual pop, primal blues & powerful drumming.

No one really sounds like these guys and this album is a force of nature.

5) Huxley — “Blurred” (Aus Music)

Though Huxley has been around for years producing tracks form some of the biggest labels in dance music, this album somehow slipped under the radar.

Blurred” is very well produced and mastered. This is another record for the house heads especially fans of UK garage & house.

6) Various Artists — “Wheedle’s Groove: Seattle Funk, Modern Soul & Boogie, Vol. II 1972- 1987” (Light In the Attic)

The guys at Light In the Attic once again have unearthed some gems.

This is the same label that re-released the two obscure Rodriguez records, so they can always be trusted.

The title pretty much explains it all. This is a region and time in music that I think is fair to say, is pretty unfamiliar to most. For those of you in LA, if your Funkmosphere enthusiasts, this is the record for you.

7) Laetitia Sadier — “Something Shines(Drag City)

The former lead singer of Stereolab has created another solid record for her third full length. With comforting melodies and rich sonic landscapes “Something Shines” is where French pop meets Laurel Canyon. I highly recommend checking this one out.

8) Adult Jazz — “Gist Is” (Spare Thought)

This is a fantastic debut from this British quartet. It’s an album you can put on and listen to from start to finish getting completely lost in it’s epic warmth.

With unexpected compositions “Gist Is” incorporates a wide range of influences from Bon Iver to James Blake to Radiohead.

It’s what I would imagine to hear if Alt-J and Moses Sumney where to do a record together. Imagine that?

9) Mura Masa — “Soundtrack to Death” (Jakarta)

Soundtrack to Death is where Flume meets Debruit.

If your a fan of electro soul with the boom bap of hip hop this is the record for you. He fuses in elements of world instrumentation with head nodding beats. Not bad for a debut release from an 18 year old.

10) Pursuit Grooves — “Modern Day Minerals” (Bandcamp/Self Release)

I’ve been in awe of Vanese Smith, better known as Pursuit Grooves for quite some time.

Much like FaltyDL, not one is making music like her, no one sounds like Pursuit Grooves.

She makes eclectic electronic music fusing in bass, experimental, hip hop, house, techno and sometimes a little rock. Her talent is on full display with this album.