Top Ten ‘Most Slept On’ Albums of 2017

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If you’re into lists, you can probably imagine that is a difficult and sometimes daunting task to narrow down our Best Of Lists every year. Every DJ has their own criteria as to why certain album(s) make the cut and others don’t. No matter what cheap bounce house ones reasoning is, inevitably, deserving albums are left out. So I’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten Most Slept On Albums of 2017. I intentionally waited to submit this list until after everyone’s Best Ofs were published; because it’s a safe bet that if one of us DJs have declared an album worthy of our Top Ten then it has not been slept on. As a consequence, none of the following albums are on anyone’s lists. By the way, there’s something in here for everyone and you can listen to a sample track from each album below.

1) Anna WiseThe Feminine: Act II (Self Release/Bandcamp)
A celebration of womanhood with excellent production.

2) Melanie De BiasioLilies (PIAS)
Amazing jazz singer and an equally amazing album. Just missed making my Top Ten.

3) J.I.D.The Never Story (Dreamville/Interscope)
His debut full length. One of the Top Ten hip-hop albums of the year.

4) D-PulseSerpentine (Detail & Co./Downtown/Interscope Records)
A quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia. Mix of psychedelic rock, french house, and smooth melodies.

5) Annabel (lee)The Cleansing (Youngbloods)
Delicate melodies, haunting strings, and angelic vocals. One of the most unique albums of the year.

6) Harriet BrownContact (Innovative Leisure)
Self proclaimed pioneer of “romantic funk”. If you like Prince, you’ll like this album.

7) Here Lies ManHere Lies Man (RidingEasy Records)
If Fela Kuti & Black Sabbath made a album, it would sound like this.

8) CamilleOUÏ (Balulalo/Because Music)
The most unique album on this list.

9) Moon BootsFirst Landing (Anjunadeep)
Fun and pop accessible deep house. Moon Boots is America’s answer to Disclosure.

10) SneaksIt’s A Myth (Merge Records)
Excellent post-punk album by D.C. native.