Track Premiere: Kauf “Let Slide (Blue Motel Remix)

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Ah, Kauf and Blue Motel, two great tastes that taste great together. So much so, in fact, that I was almost positive that they’d already teamed up in the past. To the best of my googling abilities though, it would appear that this is the first time it’s happened. Both artists occupy a vital space within L.A.’s “Daytime Disco” scene alongside such esteemed peers as Poolside and Classixx. Speaking of poolside, this remix ups the chill level on this already uber vibe-y track by a factor of about 1,000. It’s a perfect piece of music to keep in your back pocket as you begin to think about crafting the ultimate soundtrack to keep you cool during the summer days that are rapidly approaching.

We were also fortunate enough to get a couple of quotes from all of the artists involved about the process behind the original composition of the song, and how the remix came together the way it did.

From Kauf:
“It’s basically about getting too comfortable as you get older and gain some success or self knowledge. I feel like success in one area can sometimes lead to denial or procrastination in other areas, but the body & unconscious part of the brain are always there to remind us if we’re doing that. That’s what the reference to sleep is about – “sleep for once, you’re gold”. I’ve had some difficulty sleeping in the past and I’m pretty sure it was because of other issues I wasn’t addressing, causing massive anxiety.”

From Blue Motel:
“When we heard the original track we really loved the haunting undertones and thought it would be great to build on that. We started out melancholic and ended with a gleam of hope.”

Kauf is currently on tour with Cut Copy. You can check to see if they’ll be visiting a city near you soon here.

(Photo c/o: Thomas Taugher)