Track Premiere: Maria Taylor and Louis Schefano “Light of the World”

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Talk about a holiday treat! I just received “Light of the World” from Maria Taylor and Louis Schefano and it is a beauty.

Maria has been one of my favorite singers and songwriters since her early days with Little Red Rocket. After that I followed her beautiful voice when she teamed up with Orenda Fink and created Azure Ray. Maria’s solo albums are radiant. When I hear her voice it’s like she is whispering a little secret to me. Needless to say I have listened to many, many songs over the years and Maria’s are some of my all time favorites. Truly.

And, now she has re-teamed up with her Little Red Rocket band mate Louis Schefano, an excellent songwriter in his own right, for this Holiday offering. Here’s Maria on the track:

“I’ve always loved Christmas songs. A while back I remembered that my old friend Louis Schefano and I had recorded a Christmas song back in ’94. We gave cassettes copies of to all of our friends and family, but it turns out no one kept them and we have no recording to prove it even exists. We took what we could remember, added some new parts, and recorded this new version of Light of the World.”

“Light of the World” will light up your world. It does mine.

Happy Holidays!