Track Premiere: Nicola Cruz – “Arka”

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This past October it was announced that Ecuadorian artist & beat maker, Nicola Cruz, would be releasing a new album January 2019. The announcement came with a delectable – nearly 6 minute – creation (titled “Siete“) that expanded Nicola’s trademark melodies of Andean Siku (pan flute) and electronic beats, and included sitar and dense percussion. It was an instant classic.

Today, we bring you the exclusive premiere of his second single, “Arka.” The electronic beats take a break to feature hand-percussion and driving flutes and siku that turn this track – recorded in the caves of the Ilaló volcano outside Quito, Ecuador – into a mystical, folkloric banger.

Take a listen:

Arka also features Argentine flautist Esteban Valdivia, whom Nicola has great respect respect for:

Esteban Valdivia’s tremendous work keeping Andean music alive has been a great inspiration for me. He converges with my contemporary music ideas in which experimentation, harmonic clashes, and dissonance are key factors. Performing under altered states of consciousness (or seeking them out through performance) helps create a clear connection between the terrestrial and the transcendental, delivering the body as a means at the service of the music.”

Based on the two singles we have previewed, Nicola’s new album Siku is purposefully titled and will once again be an incredible sonic homage to the sounds of the Andes.

(Photos c/o ZZK Records)