Track Premiere: Wild Moccasins 'Waterless Cup' The Juan MacLean Remix

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When members in a band date and then break up… often times, the band also breaks up. But, in the case of Wild Moccasin’s Zahira Gutierrez (vocals/keyboard) & Cody Swann (guitar/vocals), the dissolution of their romantic relationship resulted in an emotionally charged yet danceable 3rd record.

Look Together explores their romantic end through lyrics that helped them heal and express their heartache set against their synth pop, indie-electro music.

Today we premiere the latest release off of a spin-off remix album featuring new takes on tracks from Look Together. It’s a chilled out version of the LP's closing track, “Waterless Cup,” as remixed superbly by The Juan Maclean.

The Juan Maclean transforms this rocking ballad, into a chill, indie lounge tack. The lyrics still lament their change of heart, however, the song is now more akin to an 80’s style melancholy, dance track. This is indie-electro at its finest and another classic remix ℅ The Juan Maclean.