Tribute to Heavy D by Garth Trinidad

Written by
photo by Kawai Matthews

From DJ Garth Trinidad:

Simply put, Dwight Arrington Myers aka Heavy D was a true original. When he first stepped into the spotlight with his signature suave bounce and his dance crew in tow, he breathed new life into the burgeoning art form of hip hop. He illustrated with finesse that it was possible to have a ball without sacrificing class.

I remember fans and critics alike surprised and impressed by his dance floor prowess, since he was a sizable man. While on the other hand, the dexterity of his tongue, quick wit, and vocal tone made him well respected as an emcee.

I was a lifelong fan when we met. It was circa 2008 and he recently completed recording a reggae album called “Vibes” (Stride Ent 2008). “Vibes” was critically acclaimed, and received a 2009 Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. We were introduced via a mutual friend and he ended up being a guest on KCRW, and graciously agreed to perform at the inaugural MojaMoja Pre-Grammy Brunch Benefit I curated.

Dwight had a reputation for being down to earth, genuine, and extremely charitable. His legacy as a recording artist, performer, record executive, actor, and philanthropist have inspired many fans, peers, and critics to think of him as part of what’s good about the world. His final Tweet read “BE INSPIRED!”.

Seemingly gone much too soon at the age of 44, he will be sorely missed.

J-Rocc of the World Famous Beat Junkies will stop by at around 9pm tonight to present a Heavy D tribute set. Make sure to tune in.

— Garth Trinidad