Troye Sivan – Artist You Should Know

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On the day last year when Australian singer/songwriter Troye Sivan released his first single, “Little Happy Pills,” most people, myself included, knew of him only as a familiar face on YouTube. But I was amazed to learn how much Troye had accomplished at only 20 years old. Music had always been a passion for Troye. Growing up he used to sing around the house, eventually taking lessons at age 8 to strengthen his ability. Jump forward 12 years later & Wild, his fourth EP, is just being released, and, to my ears, it’s his most powerful to date.

Sivan works within the indie-pop genre, but in a very confessional style, with an authenticity that has quickly made him something of a global sensation. It seems rare to find an artist so young who can convey such a genuine feeling for the music he’s making. His lyrics cover a range of emotions, with not only happy, but sometimes dark perspectives, all within a recognizable pop sound. He has said he wants people to take his words and apply them to their own lives, to help pave the road for a generation still trying to find their way.

This new EP has an all-star crew attached to it – mixed by Grammy Award-winning mixer Manny Marroquin, it also features Tkay Maidza, Broods, Leland and buzzing newcomer Alex Hope, who co-wrote & produced the title cut. Sivan had worked in the past with Hope on other songs as a writer, but she has recently learned – and mastered – the art of producing. Hope says of her collaboration with Sivan: “’Wild’ was one of the last songs we wrote. I started making the beat at home and brought it into the studio when Troye was in Sydney, and we wrote it in a few hours. I think he’s so incredibly talented, and also just one of the nicest people I have ever met, he’s one of my best friends.”

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