Tune-Yards and Atlas Sound at the Museum – PHOTOS!

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When I walked up to the Natural History Museum on Friday night, the line was already snaking down the middle of the front lawn and everyone inside seemed giddy with excitement. Construction issues closed down a few exits so the fire marshalls were particularly vigilant (which is why the performance space didn’t look even close to full, despite tons of people waiting to get in. We’re sorry about that, but it was out of our hands).

Natural History Museum First Fridays by Jeremiah Garcia

Luckily, they projected performance video on the walls by the T Rex skeleton which, for a person who is just a little over 5 feet tall, was actually a WAY better option if I wanted to see anything! Tune-Yards has an amazing instrument with her voice (and ukulele)and was joined by three girls from Portland on percussion for a set that sounded incredible echoing through the hallways of the museum. The dreamy psychedelic pop of Atlas Sound was a bit quieter, but Bradford Cox’s voice is a beautiful force of nature (as noted by DJ Mario Cotto).

Atlas Sound by Jeremiah Garcia
Tune-Yards by Jeremiah Garcia

Next up for KCRW Presents First Fridays, we have Yeasayer and Warpaint on February 5. A couple recommendations – buy your tickets in advance (only $9) since these shows are likely to sell out AND come early! The night kicks off around 5:30pm and ends at 10pm. There are DJs, lectures and lots of other interesting things going on before the bands start playing at 8pm. Early arrival is highly recommended if you want to be in the performance space. If you enjoy people watching and are more of a casual listener, come anytime and you’ll have a blast.


Tune Yards by Jeremiah Garcia
Atlas Sound by Jeremiah Garcia
TRex at Nat History Museum