Twin Shadow Live on KCRW – Golden Light

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I was expecting a full throttle dance party when Twin Shadow finally made it to our studios and he did not disappoint.

The new album came out earlier this year and, frankly, I’d forgotten how many great songs were on it!  George Lewis Jr. has crafted some perfect electro pop  in “Five Seconds”, “Run My Heart”, and “Golden Light”.

Though I heard he was having a bit of back pain before he arrived in the studio, he held nothing back and his vocals were really superb. I just love the sound of his voice.

George said he was initially at a loss for lyrics on this album and then decided to “speak really directly” – which is exactly what works about these songs. They’re not cotton candy pop – they have a lot of substance and a driving beat that is pretty undeniable.

We also learned that the man behind Twin Shadow is, in fact, a twin and his sister is a performance artist in Berlin!

If you missed the session, it’s definitely worth checking out in the archives.


Twin Shadow Live on KCRW

Run My Heart
Five Seconds
Golden Light
I Don’t Care
When We’re Dancing
The One

Twin Shadow by Larry Hirshowitz