Tycho’s Dreamy Sophmore Release “Awake”

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San Francisco graphic artist turned electronic music wizard Scott Hansen, Tycho has long been a KCRW favorite.

Hansen’s brand of shimmery, shoegazey ambient recalls Ulrich Schnauss and is every bit as hypnagogic.

Layers upon layers of lush melodies and slow atmospherics swirl creating the sonic equivalent of a perfect sunset.

On his brand new full length album, “Awake“, Tycho builds on the sound he toyed with on his Ghostly debut “Dive. Debuting in the Billboard Top 10 Electronic albums and staying there (when the current atmosphere is populated by big stadium EDM names) within 2 weeks of release is no small feat, and a definite tribute to Hansen’s talent and accessibility.

Tycho is a shining light and a clear reminder of the axiom that “what’s good is good,” sticks out, and makes an impact.

I’m super into the emotive vibes on “Apogee“.

But honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on “Awake. This is the sound of an artist staking his claim. Well done dude.