Unloved: Artist You Should Know

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The sexy, mysterious, 60’s style pop of Unloved is certainly capturing the imaginations of our listeners and has elicited quite a response judging by the number of people who have questioned me about this band out on the street (yes, I leave the KCRW basement now and then).

So for all those who have been asking, here is what I know.

  • Unloved is a trio — Jade Vincent (vocals), David Holmes (programming & percussion) and Keefus Ciancia (keyboards & programming). All three have appeared on KCRW in one way or another in previous projects and are well known on the LA music scene.
  • They are based in Los Angeles.
  • They are self releasing their album, “Guilty of Love“, on March 4 and the title track is a stunner.

  • They describe themselves this way: “if the Shangri Las got locked in a studio with Lee Hazlewood, Nancy Sinatra, Raymond Scott and Ennio Morricone.

Their second single is as good as the first if not better making them a bonafied Band You Should Know!