Veronica Falls: Artist You Should Know

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by KCRW DJ Marion Hodges:

Veronica Falls began showing up on best of lists at the end of 2009.  I listened to (and very much enjoyed) the chilly, and satisfyingly crunchy pop tones of “Found Love in a Graveyard,” which was the song making the rounds at the time.

However, it was the B-Side to the U.K. pressing of that 7″ that really made me sit up and take notice. “Stephen” was pitch perfect; bright guitar sound, simple (but highly effective) harmonies, insanely catchy melody, and to top it all of at the end of the song…rounds!  After hearing that song, I new I’d heard my new favorite band.

Upon deciding they were my new favorite band, I naturally began to anxiously search for news of a full length and a U.S. tour.  I returned to this search time and time again last year with no luck. Then a few weeks ago, after my search had been dormant for some time, I received an email saying that Veronica Falls would be releasing their debut record on Slumberland at the end of the year!

My favorite new band? On my absolute favorite label? Happy birthday to me!

Today, the news got even better.  Veronica Falls have offered “Come On Over,” from the full length as a free download.

Come On Over by Veronica Falls

It’s as good as anything that they’ve offered in the past; opening with the lazy, bluesy strum of a guitar over a steadily building drum beat to eventually reveal a dizzyingly fast slice of the dirty guitar pop that Veronica Falls do best. The lyrics are sweet and simple, and towards the middle of the song… more rounds!  My hopes for the rest of the album are now higher than ever.

Good thing we now only have to wait until September 20. Now if only we could get word about those U.S. tour dates…

Marion Hodges